Friday, January 09, 2009

Friday's Tattler

Good morning!

It's been another fine week. Lots going on. The movie has been a wonderful success. We have watched ET, and the kids have really enjoyed it. They are quiet, they answer questions, and they seem interested in seeing "what happens next." Teachers are delighted with the kids desire to find out the next episode. This is what happens when you stretch out a movie into parts. It might be something to do at home. We divided the movie into 25 minute increments, and it seems to work brilliantly. Not too much time to drift, and just enough time to think about.

Report cards today! The kids are doing so well. We are so proud of them.

We had State inspection yesterday, and we did fine. It's amazing how much paperwork there is to see. Some medical forms are not up to date, and Miss Molly will begin getting those on Monday.

I stopped by the Asian market yesterday and picked up some Asian pears for lunch. They are half apple half pear, and the kids loved them. They are lighter than either apples or pears. We studied Asia yesterday for a bit, and used the picture album about China I made years ago. We also used a book called "The Material World" which is fascinating because the project for the book was to empty houses out around the world to see how people live. The kids loved looking at the world's houses. Their favorite page was the world's toilets. The kids poured over the book for a couple of hours after class. That's a hit!

We have had lots of interviews this week for new children. Not sure how we are going to handle that. We are mostly full.

If you want Girl Scout Cookies, Hadley, one of our graduates is selling them. The sign up sheet is at the front of the school and she will bring them back to the school.

Please note that boot days are days when there is snow outside. Some of us wore boots on Tuesday and by the time it was time to go outside, the snow was gone. But we will try again. Please do not send your child in boots every day.

Please fill out your new emergency card and return it a.s.a.p.

Today we will finish ET. The preschool will be making snowflakes out of coffee filters with the decoration scissors. Not sure what that will produce - probably snow rather than flakes, but we'll have fun with it anyway. Still working on the letters and sounds. Most of our children are getting it. Some are still too young. You know when a child must be re-taught something, it means he was not old enough to understand in the first place. We keep plugging until they remember.

Have a great day!

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