Monday, May 02, 2011

Monday's Tattler

Good morning! It's going to be another rainy day, as is the whole week. I'm hoping we can get the kids outdoors at least a little. I hope you enjoy this picture of South Green River Road.

We are introducing a new class today - Physical Education. It's an attempt to get the children to follow directions through listening skills. We hope to introduce the relay race.

It's time to get serious about the summer program. A letter is going out to every parent who has not paid their summer fees. Please read the letter, sign it and return it to Miss Judy or Mr. Terry.

Swim suits will be ordered on Wednesday. Make sure your child's size is registered with Miss Judy.

We will be trying our new yogurt with tacos today in place of sour cream. A full report follows. And Thursday, we will be trying out a new bacon chicken cheeseburger. Melons are back in the store, so that's a go this week as well. New ice cream for those who eat lunch. We will be making toffee this week as well, and that's always a good deal for the kids who all get a taste.

If you want daily reports on facebook, you are welcome to befriend me. Judy Lyden.

This week we will be looking at oceans. It should be lots of fun.

Our book fair has sold nearly $1,000.00 worth of books. Thank you all so much for your wonderful involvement and your generosity. We hope you enjoyed the Spring Sing and the fair.

Have a great week and don't forget about facebook!

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