Sunday, March 25, 2012

Clearing out Sunday...

Sundays are work days for Terry and me. We always get up early...6:00 ish, and dress and go off to early Mass because we still believe. We are eternally grateful to God for all that He has given us, and we work hard to thank Him with everything we do. God's generosity and six days of work have meant the whole world to us, and we return the blessings with work of our own.

I know that Sundays are supposed to be a day of rest...they are unless you own your own business. We get our rest every evening when we spend several hours together doing what we want. It's a workable trade off. Besides, I think every day is Sunday... just as every day is really can't have Sunday without Friday...

So Sunday becomes a day of clearing out to get ready for the week. I scramble off to the grocery store and lug tons of groceries back to school, and Terry brings them inside, and I put them away after I clear out the refrigerators and the kitchen of last week's leavings. Terry washes the floors and cleans the bathrooms, and after I've put all the food away in a clean kitchen, I work on the zoo room and clear away a lot of old bedding.

At home, we clean off desks, clear out all the receipts, I clean my own kitchen and get ready for a weeks new meals.

This weekend I cleared away a lot of the winter's garden debris. I cleaned out my email bank, my stack of catalogs, newspaper fliers from last week etc. I bought garden dirt and pots to work on the planting of our veggies. I organized the kitchen collected recipes and copied a few to cards for a changing cooking team.

Clearing away the old and getting ready for what is on the horizon is a really nice way to spend a Sunday. It's a kind of renewal about life and work and change. I'm a firm believer in always being ready for whatever, and you can't really do that unless you keep chipping away at the clutter.

The calendar is my friend, not my enemy most of the time. The clock is also my friend and not my enemy when I'm prepared for now as now unfolds. Being able to enjoy life - even Sundays filled with work - is not a challenge when you think ahead and do what needs to be done today today.

So on this pleasant Sunday...the work is finally done, and now it's time to take a little stroll. Blessings today on all of you who are working or not.

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