Monday, June 12, 2006

Garden School Tattler

Today we froze at the pool. It was a blue lip affair. The kids were either water dogs or squealers. Morgan's nasty cut on her finger would have dripped all over the place, but she was shivering so badly, the blood ended up shaken all over me. But we got the finger bandaged and got the blood staunched, and off we went to the next adventure.

Austin passed his swim test, Briana passed hers, and now the countdown continues. We have Jack, Dhezmond, Dawson, Adyson, Abby, Caleb, Justin, Daymon and Taylor to push out of the ramp area. It's so nice to have the swimmers come and go and use the pool like big kids. The guards are all excited about our kids and give them a lot of love and affection because our kids are so well behaved.

Today, however, we had a lot of running. I hope parents are not encouraging running indoors. On Monday when the children come to school, they run constantly indoors.

Today would have been a perfect day to go to Lincoln and swim on Friday and Wednesday, but Sandy is out of town and Joan, her sub, was not planning such a trip. So we stayed at the pool and froze.

Tomorrow we will be building Lincoln's home cabin with sticks, so if you have any sticks and you are reading this, bring a few in. We can cut them at school.

Just want you to know that parents are always welcome at the GS. We like having you around. Lunch is on us!

Mothers of boys - please remind your sons that dressing "completely" is important. We are beginning to stock up on underwear. I think every time we go to the pool there are 2-3 pair left unclaimed. Same with socks. Interesting how the girls seem to claim everything. We NEVER have girl underwear go unclaimed.

When the weather is more conducive to really swimming, we're going to have a swim race. That should be a great event.

Beve P said the pictures are really good. She is doing mostly sepia or Black and White. If anyone wants something different, now's the time to speak up.

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