Tuesday, July 19, 2005

More Pictures for the Blog Thanks to Monte

We can all thank Monte Merkel for his help in getting this blog site up and running. He's the computer wizzard. Here are some of the pictures we've been taking. We want to share with all of you, and so often our pictures just sit in a box. Now, thanks to Monte and a new program at Blogger, we can all enjoy them.

Here's Devon at Grant's Farm feeding goats. If only we could have a goat! Goats are such wonderful beings.

Ty was enjoying his goat as well. There must have been a hundred little goats and kids to go with them. Each one was cuter than the next.

Lunch under the Arch. It was just beautiful, and so clean. The kids are enjoying a variety of sandwiches and fruit and chips and homemade cookies. It was a must see and must do!

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