Friday, September 23, 2005

Kathmandu and Japan

The Rising Nepal

Japanese Scholars to Support Early Childhood education

By Our Correspondent Kathmandu

A Japanese University is now trying to add a new chapter in the history of cooperation between Nepal and Japan by supporting Nepal in introducing early childhood education.

Fukui Seiji, Professor of Faculty of Humanities, Seiwa College Japan, is now in the capital to observe the condition of early childhood education system of Nepal.

Prof. Seiji is leading a seven-member delegation of his college under the exchange visit programme coordinated by international cultural centre with AIMS Academy, Lalitpur.

Seiwa College has 125 years history in the field of early childhood education. Their team visited the orphanage and transit home of CWIN, Mithila Art Centre Janakpur, traditional metal, brick, carpet weaving and textile factories of Kathmandu to observe the working environment, interview the workers and the employers, estimate and observe the education status of the workers,” said professor Seiji.

Under the exchange visit, students of both college work on the same project, producing reports on ,” Condition of Workers in the factories of Nepal and status of education of their children”.

Students studying at the graduate level are happy with this kind of exchange visit programme.

“Now, we have better ideas about how things are moving in the third world countries,” one of the participants said.

The exchange programme was initiated a few years back. Students and teachers from AIMS academy had visited Seiwa College. They were so much impressed from the education system of Japan that they have decided to introduce new techniques in nursery education. Another beauty of this exchange visit is that all the delegates were given the opportunity to experience first hand Japanese life through home stays in different Japanese families.

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